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Save up to 60% on prescription refills and management in Ritchie, AR today. Pick up from a pharmacy of your choice. Yep, it’s that simple. Refills are always at your doctor’s discretion.
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Connect with a doctor or provider online to get an Rx refill for something simple like birth control, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, insulin and more. $5 medication with FREE delivery may be available during this visit. Ask your doctor...

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What's the difference between prescription and over-the-counter medication?

There are two types of drugs available to patients: over-the-counter drugs (OTC) or non-prescription drugs, and prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs are regulated by the FDA based on potential harmful side effects, toxicity, or method of use. Basically, prescription medication must be taken under the supervision of licensed health care professionals. Prescriptions help ensure the safe usage of these drugs.

Prescriptions are instructions given by a physician or health care professional to direct a certain health plan/ treatment plan for the patient. In most cases, this means written instructions by the doctor to a pharmacist authorizing the sale of prescription medications to the patient.

A doctor’s prescriptions are made up of three parts: - Who is prescribing the medication/ treatment - Who is the prescription is being written for - The drug being prescribed

Brand name drugs often have cheaper generic drug counterparts that work identically to the brand name variant. A prescription will detail whether or not a brand name drug or generic drug can be used for treatment, as well as the number of doses that should be given to the patient.

Note that prescriptions on Sesame are always at the discretion of your doctor or provider.

What are prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs are the specific medication prescribed by a doctor or health care professional, as a part of a health plan for a patient. Prescriptions are often separated into two categories: controlled and non-controlled substances.

-Non-Controlled Substances: Most prescription drugs are non-controlled substances. This means that they are unlikely to cause harm or lead to drug abuse. Prescription medicine that treats medical conditions such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and bacterial infections. These drugs are unlikely to cause harm or lead to drug abuse in patients. Non-controlled substances are not the same thing as over-the-counter medication; a prescription is still needed for these drugs.

-Controlled substances: Controlled substance medication is used to treat medical conditions such as: pain, anxiety, and depression. The Drug Enforcement Administration has classified controlled substances into a series of schedules, based on the danger of misuse and abuse of the chemical. Common controlled substance medication that might be prescribed to a patient includes:

Opioid painkillers: These prescription medications help treat pain. Common opioid drugs are: codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, and hydromorphone. Opioids are classified under Schedule II by the DEA, as these drugs have a high potential for drug abuse and addiction.

ADHD Medication: Drugs that help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), such as Adderall and Ritalin are listed as Schedule II controlled substances by the DEA, as they carry a high potential for drug abuse and addiction.

Steroids: Doctors may prescribe anabolic steroids to help treat conditions related to hormonal problems, such as delayed puberty or low testosterone production. Steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances, meaning they have moderate-to-mild potential for drug abuse.

Ketamine: Ketamine compounding drugs can be used to treat pain and depression. These drugs usually come in nasal spray or oral pill form. Legal ketamine prescription medications are classified as Schedule III substances by the DEA.

Anxiety Medication: Prescription drugs that help treat the effects of anxiety, such as Xanax or Klonopin, are classified as Schedule IV controlled substances. This means that they carry low risk for drug abuse and addiction. You can refill these drugs five times within six months of the date the prescription was given. This helps ensure that the prescription medication isn’t being overused or abused.

Cough medicine: Prescription strength cough/ congestion medication such as Robitussin are classified as Schedule V controlled substances. These medications contain small amounts of the narcotic codeine to help relieve discomfort. These prescription drugs pose little risk of addiction or drug abuse, due to their small amounts of opioid dosage.

It is illegal to obtain prescription drugs without a formulary (prescription listing) from a licensed health care professional. Certain prescription medications carry high risk of drug abuse and addiction. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has resources on their website that details the dangers of the opioid overdose pandemic. Check these out at

NOTE: Doctors on Sesame do not prescribe any prescription medication that is listed as a controlled substance. Check out for a detailed list of medications that are listed as controlled substances.

Can you get a prescription online?

Sesame makes it easier than ever to get a prescription or refill a prescription from the comfort of your own home! You cannot get prescriptions directly online, but you can absolutely set up a video visit with a real, quality doctor on Sesame to discuss whether or not prescription medication might be right for you. Physicians on Sesame can prescribe drugs that help treat infections, allergies, high blood pressure and more. Plus, because Sesame works to set prices directly with doctors, you can find visits with doctors at rates up to 60% less than what you’ll find through insurance networks.

Book a video visit on based on the health care you need, and pick up a new prescription or existing prescription refill at a pharmacy of your choice. If you don’t want to go pick up a prescription in person, many pharmacies offer a prescription mail service for home delivery. Your medication will be shipped directly to you. Browse services on Sesame, set up an appointment with a real doctor at your convenience, and get the care you need. It’s simple, convenient, and affordable. Book a visit today!

Do doctors on Sesame prescribe controlled substances?

Nope! Doctors on Sesame can prescribe a wide range of medication that can help treat infections, allergies, and other ailments (such as blood pressure medication). However, doctors on Sesame will not write a prescription for any medication listed as a controlled substance. This includes opioids and narcotics. Check out for a detailed list of medications that are listed as controlled substances.

How much does a prescription refill visit cost?

Sesame offers video prescription refill services at affordable prices starting at just $26! In-person prescription refill visits start at $35. If you need a new prescription, doctors on Sesame can prescribe medication that helps treat blood pressure, infection, allergies, cholesterol problems, thyroid conditions, and more!

Here’s how it works: - Search to find the doctor you want to see for the health care service you need.

  • Compare our affordable cash-pay prices. Sesame works with doctors directly- not insurance companies. That means you can pay up to 60% less than what you’ll find through your insurance network, without the worry of surprise bills and hidden fees.

  • Book at your convenience and pay upfront. Pay the one-time price listed on the site and set up a visit with a real, quality doctor on your schedule. It’s that simple.

Sesame offers prescription refills for a wide range of conditions and ailments. Book a visit (in-person or video) to get the care you need at one clear, affordable price. No insurance needed.

Can you get a prescription refill at a different pharmacy?

Yep! If you request a prescription transfer, you can easily move your prescription from one pharmacy to another. Plus, many pharmacies now offer mail services for home delivery. Here's how to request a prescription refill at a different pharmacy:

1) Call your new preferred pharmacy to request a transfer.

2) Provide that pharmacy with health insurance/ prescription info

3) Wait for the prescription to be transferred before you pick it up. It usually takes pharmacies a few days to transfer a prescription, but you will get a notification once this step has been completed. Either go pick up your prescription in person, or set up home delivery.

If you need a prescription refill, book a visit with a real, quality doctor on Sesame today. Doctors on Sesame can refill prescriptions for high blood pressure, birth control, allergies, and more! Save up to 60% on your prescription refill visit when you book with Sesame.

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