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Dr. Diogenes Almonte, MDIn-person doctor visit

228 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206
StethoscopeFamily medicine

    Dr. Richard Link, MDIn-person doctor visit

    228 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206
    StethoscopeInternal medicine

      Dr. Roberto Robinson, MDIn-person doctor visit

      60 Plaza Street East, Brooklyn, NY 11238
      StethoscopeFamily medicine

        Dr. Rod Saclolo, MDIn-person doctor visit

        37 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217
        StethoscopeInternal medicine

          Dr. Vladimir Volokh, DOIn-person doctor visit

          288 Sand Lane, Staten Island, NY 10305
          StethoscopeFamily medicine

            Dr. Arthur Brantz, MDIn-person doctor visit

            68-29 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385
            StethoscopeInternal medicine

              Valentina Boguslavskaya, NPIn-person doctor visit

              288 Sand Lane, Staten Island, NY 10305
              StethoscopeFamily medicine

                Dr. Issa Jaradeh, MDIn-person doctor visit

                297 Marcus Garvey Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11221
                StethoscopeInternal medicine

                  Dr. Lora Slabodkina, MDIn-person doctor visit

                  332 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
                  StethoscopeInternal medicine

                    Dr. Jason Chiu, MDIn-person doctor visit

                    347 East 53rd Street Suite LA, New York, NY 10022
                    StethoscopeUrgent care
                      "Great experience"

                      Dr. Matthew Pabis, MDIn-person doctor visit

                      57 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10003
                      StethoscopeFamily medicine
                        "Great customer service! Love the doctors and the entire staff"

                        LaQuan Superville, FNPIn-person doctor visit

                        73-09 Myrtle Ave. Floor 1, Suite 1, Glendale, NY 11385
                        StethoscopeFamily medicine
                        • Available tomorrow

                        Sharina Sahadeo, FNP-BCIn-person doctor visit

                        73-09 Myrtle Ave. Floor 1, Suite 1, Glendale, NY 11385
                        StethoscopeFamily medicine

                          Jenny Delaleu, FNP-BCIn-person doctor visit

                          294 West Merrick Rd Suite 1, Freeport, NY 11520
                          StethoscopeFamily medicine

                            UBERDOC Primary Care In-person doctor visit

                            30 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022
                            StethoscopeFamily medicine

                              UBERDOC Primary Care In-person doctor visit

                              139 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022
                              StethoscopeFamily medicine

                                UBERDOC Primary Care In-person doctor visit

                                115 East 57th Street, New York, NY 11203
                                StethoscopeFamily medicine
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                                  In-Person Doctor Visit

                                  Should I see a doctor in-person or online?

                                  It depends. Telehealth platforms like Sesame make it easier than ever to see a doctor online from the comfort of your home through virtual visits. These are real-time video chats with doctors and providers that are used to address symptoms, discuss prescriptions, and screen for health care conditions. Telehealth (also known as telemedicine) is a convenient way to see a health care provider without requiring the commute and waiting rooms of office visits.

                                  In-person visits, however, are vital health services. Certain conditions and specialty care services cannot be diagnosed or performed via a telehealth visit. Lab testing, for instance, often requires an in-person appointment at a doctor's office. Similarly, some physical exams, chronic condition consultations, and urgent care needs require in-person care. Some patients feel more comfortable receiving their care through in-person doctor visits, and many telehealth services require in-person visits before a condition can be definitively diagnosed.

                                  Health care marketplaces like Sesame offer both in-person and virtual care options. If you're unsure whether or not you need to see a provider face-to-face, we recommend that you book a video doctor visit to discuss your concerns and talk through any symptoms you may be experiencing. If an in-person doctor appointment is required, you can easily book a visit through Sesame's scheduling platform.

                                  Can I book a follow-up appointment or additional services with Sesame?

                                  Yes. Sesame offers a range of follow-up care, services, and specialist consults at clear, affordable prices. Get an MRI or X-ray for your sprained wrist. Talk to a therapist about how you're feeling. Or find a dermatologist to treat your rash. From primary care and prescription refills to dermatology and dentistry, clinicians on Sesame can help you treat and manage just about any condition.

                                  Can I get a prescription through Sesame?

                                  Yep! If your visit results in a prescription, you can have your doctor send your medication to a convenient pharmacy of your choice, often with same-day pick-up.

                                  What is primary care?

                                  The term primary care refers to the kind of medical care you need first — before you get sick, before you need to see a specialist, before you need to go to a hospital.

                                  Is family medicine the same as primary care?

                                  In most cases, yes. Primary care is an umbrella term to describe medical care that treats a wide range of health-related issues. Primary care providers (PCPs) are usually the first doctors a patient will see if they aren't feeling well or are looking for a referral. Primary care is divided into two forms of health services: family medicine and internal medicine.

                                  • Family medicine: Family medicine refers to healthcare provided for the whole family. A family medicine doctor is a primary care provider who mostly offers preventive care like immunizations, checkups, and medical advice. Doctors trained in family practice can treat patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics, so they often act as the healthcare provider for whole families.

                                  • Internal medicine: An internal medicine doctor (or internist) provides primary medical care for adults only. Internal medicine doctors diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions for adult patients and provide medical advice to improve general wellness. Internal medicine doctors will offer referrals to a specialist if a patient is dealing with a specific condition.

                                  What do you see a primary care provider for?

                                  Primary care providers can treat all sorts of conditions and issues. From women's health to sports medicine, PCPs have the training and experience to be able to address a number of health concerns.

                                  Primary care providers can offer:

                                  • Routine checkups
                                  • Annual physical exams
                                  • Immunizations
                                  • Urgent care
                                  • Blood pressure testing (to check for hypertension and heart disease)
                                  • Injury treatment (stitches, casting, splinting)
                                  • Medication prescription
                                  • Medical advice for general wellness

                                  Primary care providers can usually answer most medical questions you may have. If you need a specialist, a PCP can offer a referral for a qualified doctor with the knowledge and expertise to treat you.

                                  What conditions can be diagnosed during an in-person doctor visit?

                                  Most in-person doctor visits booked through Sesame will connect you with a primary care provider (generally a family medicine practitioner or internal medicine doctor). During an in-person doctor visit, these health care providers can test or screen for conditions such as:
                                  -Heart disease
                                  -High blood pressure (hypertension)
                                  -Cancers (such as skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and testicular cancer)
                                  -Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
                                  -Lung health
                                  -Depression and anxiety

                                  Should you need to see a specialist, these providers can refer you to the proper care team, and guide you on the next steps.

                                  If during your visit, your doctor determines that you may require a prescription for a new or existing condition, they can write you one during your appointment and send it to your local pharmacy, often with same-day pickup. Note that all prescriptions are at the discretion of your health care provider.

                                  What is the difference between a primary care provider and a specialist?

                                  Primary care physicians (or primary care providers) treat and diagnose a wide range of medical conditions while providing medical advice to improve general well-being. From chronic conditions to common colds, primary care providers are often the first doctor you will go to see for healthcare.

                                  Some services a primary care provider can provide include:

                                  • Routine check-ups
                                  • Immunizations (including the COVID-19 vaccine)
                                  • Urgent care (treatment for non-life-threatening health concerns)
                                  • Chronic disease management
                                  • Medication prescription
                                  • Heart disease screening
                                  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) tests
                                  • Sports medicine (treatment for sprains, breaks, and bruises)
                                  • Birth control health care
                                  • Wellness/ weight loss advice

                                  Some issues require special training to diagnose and treat. If a primary care provider believes that a condition requires further treatment, they will give a patient a referral for a qualified specialist. Specialists have advanced training to treat specific conditions/ parts of the body.

                                  Some examples of specialists includes:

                                  • ENTs (Ear, Nose & Throat doctors)
                                  • OB/GYNs (doctors who treat issues related to women's health)
                                  • Pediatricians (doctors who manage care for children)
                                  • Orthopedics (doctors who treat issues related to the muscles and skeleton)
                                  • Dermatologists (doctors who treat issues related to skin, hair, and nails)
                                  • Podiatrists (doctors who treat issues related to the foot, ankle, and lower leg)
                                  • Neurologists (doctors who treat issues related to the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and more)
                                  • Mental health care providers (such as therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors)

                                  Primary care providers are usually the first doctors you will see for any health-related issue you may be having. In some cases, you can't even see a specialist without a referral from a primary care provider. If your primary care doctor believes that you need to see a specialist, they will give you a referral for a specialist with specific qualifications. Primary care providers and specialists will then work together on your health plan to give you complete treatment options.

                                  Questions about who you need to see? Sesame offers convenient primary care options at affordable prices. Book an in-person or virtual visit with a real, quality doctor and save up to 60% with Sesame.

                                  What kind of specialties does Sesame offer?

                                  Sesame makes it easier and more affordable than ever for patients to find trusted specialists across 40+ specialties for online appointments or in-person visits in select markets. Specialties listed on Sesame include primary care, radiology, mental health, dentistry, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology and more.

                                  Should I get seen if I’m not feeling well?

                                  If you're experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or may have come in contact with somebody infected, you should stay home.
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