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Book an affordable pap smear in Overland Park, KS with a doctor today on Sesame. Pap smears are procedures that screen for cervical cancer in women. A pap smear can also be combined with a test for HPV, which is a common STI that can cause cervical cancer. The recommended cadence for pap smears depends on your age and risk factors, but doctors generally recommend a pap smear every 3 years for women ages 21 to 65.
4.01 mi | 30-min appointment
Wellness exam
John Saxer, MD
Family medicine
Routine primary care visit with a doctor or nurse that is preventive in nature. Comprehens...
4.01 mi | 30-min appointment
Visit with an OBGYN to address a specific concern of the female reproductive system. It m...
5.76 mi | Phone call + 30-min appointment
Visit with a clinician to collect cells from your cervix and screen for cervical cancer. ...
33 mi | Phone call + 60-min appointment
Introductory visit with a provider to establish a primary care relationship. During this v...
4.01 mi | 30-min appointment
Pap smear
John Saxer, MD
Family medicine
Visit with a doctor or nurse to collect cells from your cervix and screen for cervical can...
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