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Book an affordable radiologist appointment in Oklahoma City, OK today on Sesame. Radiologists are medical doctors who are specialized in diagnosing and treating injuries and medical conditions using radiology procedures and imaging techniques, such as ultrasounds, x-rays, and MRIs.
Dec 9
Dec 10
Dec 11
11 mi | Phone call + 45-minute appointment
Oklahoma ER & Hospital
Imaging, Radiology, Emergency Room
15103 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Edmond, OK 73103
**Note: Referral/doctor's order is required for MRI and any other imaging service.** **Pa... See details >
5.36 mi | Phone call + 60-minute appointment
Green Imaging OKC Expressway
3209 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
MRI of any body part without contrast. A referral or order is required for this visit. <... See details >