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Hot flashes are characterized by a perception of a sudden spike in your body’s temperature, most noticeably in the face, neck, and chest. Hot flashes may be accompanied by flushing (a blushing or reddening of the skin in these areas), increased heart rate, and tingling in your fingers. Sometimes hot flashes occur at night, disrupting sleep. These episodes are known as night sweats. Night sweats and hot flashes are the two most common symptoms of menopause.

Hot flashes occur when the blood vessels near the surface of the skin expand to help you cool off. They are normally the result of hormonal changes as a result of menopause but are sometimes (though rarely) caused by other factors, such as medications, thyroid problems, or certain types of cancer.

The symptoms, frequency, and intensity of hot flashes vary among women. As many as 2 in 10 women never experience hot flashes, while others may have them for 10 years or longer. For most women, however, this period will last between 6 months and 5 years. Individual episodes may vary as well. Some may pass after a few seconds, while others may persist for 10 minutes or more. On average, though, hot flashes last about 4 minutes.

Common Medication
Treatment Options

Below is a list of common medications used to treat hot flashes, which a doctor or provider can prescribe to you for just $5 through SesameRx.

Please note that all prescriptions are at the discretion of your doctor.

Below are common treatment options for hot flashes. During your appointment, talk to your doctor about what treatment plan is right for you.


Hot Flashes Care

When should I see an OB/GYN?

Gynecological visits can help address concerns you may have about your reproductive system. Some conditions or concerns an OB/GYN can help with are:
- Questions or concerns about the female reproductive system, including breasts, uterus, vulva, ovaries, and urological symptoms.
- Issues or concerns regarding fertility, pregnancy, menstrual health, and contraception.
- Issues regarding incontinence.
- Questions about sexual health, libido, and sexually transmitted diseases.
- Concerns about urinary tract infections (UTIs), and yeast infections.

Connect with a real, licensed gynecologist near you to get your questions answered and conditions addressed - all for one affordable, cash price. Sesame works directly with doctors - not insurance companies - to get you the care you need without surprise bills or confusing copays.

What services can OB/GYNs provide?

OB/GYNs have special training to be able to diagnose and treat conditions related to women's health and the female reproductive system. Visits to an OB/GYN clinic play a key role in maintaining your health and wellness and in staying one step ahead of chronic conditions. Some common health services provided by an OB/GYN include:
- Pap smears
- Pelvic exams
- Breast exams/ breast cancer screening
- STI tests
- Ultrasounds
- Fertility/ Contraceptive counseling

If you are dealing with a health concern or medical condition, an OB/GYN has the training to perform a number of surgeries and procedures such as:
- Removal of cysts on ovaries (ovarian cysts)
- Uterine fibroid removal
- Cesarean sections
- Hysterectomy
- Reconstructive surgery
- Endometriosis therapy

Depending on your health history or health concerns, an OB/GYN may provide a referral for a specialist such as an endocrinologist or a doctor of urogynecology.

Save up to 60% when you book your OB/GYN visit through Sesame.

What questions should I ask an OB/GYN?

Seeing an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN) is your opportunity to get any questions or concerns you have about your reproductive health answered and addressed.

If you have any health concerns, or just want more information, it's a good idea to go to your appointment with a list of questions you may want to ask. Specific questions may vary depending on your age, sexual activity, and health history. Some common questions are:
- Do I need any vaccinations?
- Am I at high risk for any developing cancers or infections?
- How do I reduce the risk of breast cancer or cervical cancer?
- How often should I get cancer screenings and breast exams?
- How heavy should my menstrual flow be?
- What should I expect while going through menopause?
- What type of contraception is best for me?
- How often should I get tested for an STI?

Some women feel more comfortable seeing a female gynecologist. When you book a visit on Sesame, you get to pick the doctor you want to see - not the one your insurance company makes you see.

Is there a difference between OB/GYN and gynecology?

While OB/GYN, practiced by obstetrician-gynecologists, is generally considered to be a single specialty, it is made up of two distinct fields: obstetrics and gynecology. Obstetrics (the OB of OB/GYN) deals with the care during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and post-delivery, while gynecology (the GYN or OB/GYN) deals with the care of all women's health issues. So while obstetrics deals specifically with prenatal care, pregnancy, high-risk pregnancies, and other medical needs of pregnant women (or women soon to become pregnant), gynecology deals with women's health and wellness more generally.

How much does an OB/GYN visit cost?

An OB/GYN appointment can often cost up to $300 with insurance.

Save 60% on your next OB/GYN appointment when you book with Sesame. On Sesame, you can connect directly with real, qualified gynecologists in who can treat a wide range of women's health conditions for one affordable, upfront price. No copays. No surprise bills. Just the care you need.

How do I find an OB/GYN near me?

Right here! Sesame offers convenient, affordable OB/GYN visits in cities across the country! Simply type "gynecologist" or "OB/GYN" in our search bar to find a real, quality women's health care provider near you. From infections to discomfort, doctors on Sesame can help diagnose and treat gynecological conditions for women of all ages.

Have questions or concerns about your reproductive health? Book a consult on Sesame with a licensed OB/GYN to discuss any health concerns you may have.

Save 60% on your next OB/GYN visit when you book with Sesame.

Can I see an OB/GYN over video?

Yep! Doctors on Sesame can diagnose, treat, manage, and screen for a variety of questions and conditions related to women's health. Common things addressed over video with patients include contraceptives and birth control, menopause, questions regarding prenatal conditions or pregnancy, urinary incontinence, UTIs and other vaginal infections, and more. While some services generally cannot be performed over video, like cancer screenings, Sesame offers in-person visits in select cities for any conditions you may not be able to address over video.

When should I see an OB/GYN over video?

Video appointments offer you a convenient, affordable way to get care without leaving the house. Video OB/GYN consults can help address several questions and concerns about women’s health, and the health of the female reproductive system, including:
- Questions or concerns about the female reproductive system, including breasts, uterus, vulva, ovaries, and urological symptoms.
- Issues or concerns regarding fertility, pregnancy, menstrual health, and contraception.
- Issues regarding urinary incontinence.
- Questions about sexual health, libido, and sexually transmitted diseases.
- Concerns about urinary tract infections (UTIs), and yeast infections.

Note that in some cases, your doctor may recommend in-person follow-up care, if appropriate.

At what age should a woman start seeing an OB/GYN?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that women first see an OB/GYN between the ages of 13-15. Many issues and concerns before the age of 13 can be handled by a primary care physician.

A patient's first OB/GYN visit will often cover development. There may be personal questions about puberty, menstrual periods, and sexual activity. Most girls will not need a pap smear or pelvic exam on their first visit unless they are experiencing abnormal pain or bleeding. Often, the OB/GYN conducts a general health exam and an external genital exam.

A general health exam includes:
- Measurement of height
- Measurement of weight
- Blood pressure check

An external genital exam includes:
- An examination of the vulva

The external genital exam can help girls learn about pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and understand more generally the anatomy of the female reproductive system.

Save up to 60% on your next OB/GYN visit when you book through Sesame.

Can my provider prescribe medication?

Yes, physicians on Sesame can prescribe a wide range of medications, which can be useful for infections, allergies, and other acute ailments. Please note that they will not prescribe certain drugs, such as narcotics or medications that have been designated controlled substances through telehealth.

Otherwise, many of the prescriptions available in an office setting or urgent care can be prescribed if your clinician deems it appropriate.

What types of telehealth care can I book through Sesame?

It is up to the provider to determine what services they offer through a virtual appointment. Examples of care you can find on marketplaces like Sesame include:
- Primary care
- Urgent care (for conditions such as rashes, sore throat, migraines, UTIs, and more)
- Sexual health consultations
- Mental health consultations
- Chronic condition management
- Dermatology consultations
- Prescription refills
- Pediatric care

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, do not use telehealth. Instead, call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency room immediately.

Can I get quality treatment during my telehealth appointment?

Yes! Providers on Sesame meet the highest standards of quality. Many medical conditions can be immediately and conveniently diagnosed during a telehealth appointment.

How can I prepare for my telehealth appointment?

After booking your telehealth appointment on Sesame, you will receive a link to test the phone, tablet, or computer where you will speak with your provider. Sesame will send you a unique and secure webpage for you to access your telehealth appointment directly from your web browser. In the rare case that you run into any technical issues, our friendly support team is available to walk you through any challenges.

How does booking care on Sesame work?

Sesame makes it easier than ever to find and pay doctors online directly - allowing you to book an in-person or telehealth appointment in less than two minutes. To get care today, follow these easy steps:
- Search for telehealth or in-person appointments by specialty, condition, or doctor
- Choose a doctor at the right price and time for you.
- Pay for your appointment online at direct-discount prices.
- Before your appointment begins, complete a brief medical history form.
- If you’re seeing a doctor online, click the link sent to your email to join a secure online telehealth appointment. If you’re seeing a doctor in person, go to their office at the time of your appointment.
- If you are prescribed medication and choose medication delivery, it is usually delivered to your home within 2-3 business days. Otherwise, you can select a local pharmacy often with same-day pick-up. Providers on Sesame can prescribe anything medically appropriate, except for the limited set of controlled substances (as defined under the Controlled Substances Act).

Do I need health insurance to book telehealth services?

Nope! Sesame connects patients directly to doctors through our easy-to-use booking platform. That means you can get great care with top-rated health care providers without involving insurance companies. Skip the costly co-pays and premiums when you book a doctor's appointment through Sesame. Prices on Sesame are transparent, and payment is easy. In many cases, you can pay for your visit with a one-time upfront cash price - usually 60% less than what you'll find through insurance networks. So, not only are you saving money, but you're also getting the best care available from the comfort of your own home.

How do I access my telehealth appointment?

After you book a video appointment, you will receive both an initial confirmation and a reminder via email and text.

There are three ways in which a video visit can be accessed:
- Select "Join virtual appointment" from the booking confirmation email.
- If you have an existing account or created one at purchase, log in at, navigate to 'My appointments,' and select "Join virtual appointment."
- Click the link in the text message sent to you 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

We suggest using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to connect to your visit.

Should I use my phone, tablet, or computer for my telehealth appointment?

You can use your phone, tablet, or computer for a telehealth appointment on Sesame. Sesame works on the web through your web browser - Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. It is easy to connect in just a few seconds with a quality Sesame provider who is ready to listen to your medical concerns.

Sesame supports face to face video communications, but turning on your video is not required if this makes you uncomfortable.

Are telehealth appointments through Sesame HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Sesame is a HIPAA compliant organization. The safety of your sensitive health interactions is very important to us. This is something that every employee at Sesame and every provider takes very seriously.

Sesame’s telehealth technology is HIPAA-compliant. Sesame employees must go through annual HIPAA training to ensure compliance. All data systems are encrypted and password protected. At Sesame, we go beyond the mandated standards to protect your health data as if it were our own.

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