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About Mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcers - also known as mouth sores or canker sores - are small lesions that develop on any of the soft tissues in the mouth (usually the lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, and floor of the mouth). Where cold sores are primarily found on the outside of the mouth, canker sores occur inside the mouth. Canker sores are not contagious, and usually only last for a week or two.

Common symptoms of mouth ulcers include:
  • Round or oval lesions that are yellow or whitish in color
  • A red painful ring around the lesion
  • A tingling sensation in the mouth

Canker sores may occur in concurrence with other symptoms such as:
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Fever

Causes of mouth ulcers are diverse but unclear.

Common triggers of mouth ulcers include:
  • Injury to the soft tissue of the mouth (such as biting the cheek, impact to the mouth, scrapes from dental work, etc…)
  • Family history of canker sores
  • Viral infections (it is common to get canker sores while dealing with a common cold or illness caused by a virus)
  • Toothpaste or mouthwashes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Sensitivity to acidic food (such as orange juice, coffee, chocolate, and strawberries)
  • Vitamin or mineral deficiencies (such as vitamin B-12 deficiency or iron deficiency)
  • Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle
  • Emotional stress

Most mouth ulcers will go away on their own without medical treatment. Because of the pain, they cause, however, they can cause difficulty with speaking or eating. If you experience abnormally large canker sores, persistent sores, sores that recur in the same areas of the mouth, or sores that are accompanied by other symptoms (such as fever), talk to your health care provider. If you have noticed that dental/ orthodontal appliances are causing irritation in your mouth that results in canker sores, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about prevention methods and other treatment options.

Treatment Options

Below is a list of common treatment options for mouth ulcers. During your appointment, discuss these with your doctor to determine the right treatment plan for you.

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