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    About Anxiety

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    Anxiety is a part of daily life. For instance, you may experience anxiety before an important presentation or test, or before you make a big decision. In many cases, anxiety can motivate us to prepare or practice for whatever makes us anxious. It is a normal, temporary reaction to a stressful event or circumstance.

    People with anxiety disorders experience this feeling intensely and persistently. The fear and worry associated with anxiety may not go away, and may actually get worse over time. If left untreated, anxiety may eventually interfere with work or school performance, personal relationships, and other functions of daily life. Anxiety disorders are very common; the National Institute on Mental Health estimates that over 40 million adults in the United States (19.1%) have some form of anxiety disorder.

    Anxiety disorders may be caused by several different factors, and manifest in several different ways. Anxiety is an umbrella term used to describe conditions such as agoraphobia (fear of places or situations that may cause panic), social anxiety, separation anxiety, panic disorder, and more. Each of these disorders is accompanied by different symptoms and complications.

    If you are dealing with near-constant feelings of fear, panic, or worry, get in touch with a health care provider right away. As debilitating as anxiety can be, treatment can help.

    If you are looking for more information about anxiety, check out the NIMH’s page on Anxiety Disorders:

    Common Medication
    Treatment Options

    Doctors and providers on Sesame offer the following medications often used to treat anxiety for just $5 with free delivery. Book a visit today to discuss if the following medication can be part of a treatment for anxiety.

    Note that all prescriptions are at your provider's discretion.

    Anxiety can throw a wrench in your everyday life. Below are common treatment options for anxiety disorders. Talk to your provider about the treatment plan that might be right for you.