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10 Smart Ways to Spend FSA Funds on Sesame
December 6, 2022
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10 practical ways to use your remaining FSA funds on Sesame services

A flexible spending account (FSA) is an employer-sponsored health benefit that allows you to set aside tax-exempt money for out-of-pocket medical expenses. This money is usually taken out of each paycheck before you pay taxes. The tricky thing with FSA funds, however, is they usually disappear at the end of the calendar year if they are not used. In other words, you forfeit the money that you had set aside if you don’t use it by the end of the year. What better excuse to take care of all of those little medical expenses you had been putting off? Sesame accepts both FSA and HSA payments for appointments and medications. To help you get the most out of your healthcare plan, we’ve put together a list of 10 helpful, healthy ways to use those last bits of FSA funds on Sesame.

Because there are different types of FSAs, remember to check with your FSA administrator to make sure your particular expense will be covered.

1) Mental health visits

Unfortunately, too many of us put mental health too low on our priorities. However, this can be a stressful time of year, which makes it the perfect time to book a video mental health consult on Sesame. These convenient visits are a great way to talk through any mental health issues you may be going through, or just get a check-up on your overall mental wellness.

2) Vision care

If you’ve been putting off buying those new glasses, now’s your chance to treat yourself to a stylish new pair! Glasses, contacts, and other forms of vision care are eligible for FSA funds, so now’s the time to improve your eyewear. Sesame offers eye exams, vision assessments, and vision care prescriptions. You can use your leftover FSA funds to have your eyes checked by a licensed optometrist near you and get a prescription for corrective lenses if needed. If a prescription is needed, you can use your FSA savings on any eyeglasses or contact lenses you may need.

3) Weight management

Nearly half of all American adults resolve to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise more in the New Year. Weight loss can be challenging and is made all the more so by the sheer amount of conflicting ideas / information that exists about how to do it. Give yourself a leg up on your weight loss journey by booking a weight management / weight loss consult on Sesame. These visits allow you to talk directly with a licensed health care provider to craft the best weight loss or management program for your individual needs. Note that weight loss programs or weight loss counseling requires a Letter of Medical Necessity to be eligible with an FSA.

4) Dental work

Sesame offers a range of dental care services from teeth whitening, toothache care, and full dental cleaning visits. You can save up to 60% on your dental care when you use your leftover FSA funds on services booked through Sesame.

5) Skin care

Go into the New Year glowing! Sesame offers both in-person and video visits with dermatologists and family medicine doctors around the country. Whether you’re struggling to regain control of your skin or looking to manage an existing condition, these appointments allow you to connect directly with a health care provider for comprehensive treatment. Providers on Sesame can diagnose and treat conditions such as acne, cold sores, eczema, moles, and more while offering prescriptions when necessary.

6) Lab work

If your healthcare plan doesn’t cover the full amount of any lab work you may need, check out the range of tests available on Sesame. We’ve partnered with Quest Diagnostics to offer lab tests around the country. From standard health panels to complete blood counts, we recommend using some of your remaining FSA funds on these lab tests to get a more complete picture of your overall health.

7) Men’s health

Sexual health and male pattern baldness might not be at the top of your mind during your annual physical exam. As the year wraps up, talk to a doctor on Sesame to get specialized treatment for issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss. These conditions are often a “warning sign” for other, potentially more serious, conditions so we recommend getting proactive and talking to a health care provider right away to start treatment.

8) Physical therapy

If you’re dealing with lingering pain or an ongoing injury, physical therapy can play a key role in your rehabilitation and pain management. Sesame offers in-person and video physical therapy visits across the country, which means you can get one-on-one help for a sore neck, low back pain, shoulder pain, and more. Because PT is not always covered by healthcare plans, now is a great time to get comprehensive physiotherapy care with those remaining FSA dollars.

9) Imaging

Not all imaging services are covered by healthcare plans. If you’ve been holding off on booking that MRI or X-ray for fear of the cost, put your FSA funds to good use and book an imaging appointment on Sesame. Our imaging prices are often several hundred dollars cheaper than national prices, with participating service providers across the country. Save up to 60% on MRI, X-ray, CT, and ultrasound scans when you book your imaging appointment through Sesame.

10) STD Testing

Surveys commissioned by Sesame have shown that Americans don’t get tested enough for STDs. This is especially prevalent in college-age students. With quick and discreet testing options across the country, we urge you to use the remaining FSA money you have on these crucial exams. Regular STD testing plays a key role in protecting both yourself and your partners. A lack of symptoms does not mean that you do not have an STD. Follow the guidelines published by the CDC and easily book an STD test on Sesame.

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