Sesame vs. Talkspace

Your mental health doesn't require a subscription. But Talkspace thinks it should. Connect with a licensed therapist anytime, anywhere. No insurance needed.

Flexible booking
Affordable prices
No subscription needed

Telehealth visit

Doctors and specialists on Sesame treat 120+ conditions.

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Why patients trust Sesame over Talkspace.

Quality care at clear, affordable prices. No subscription or insurance needed.
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In-person or video therapy
Included with Sesame
No subscription fee
Included with Sesame
Talk to a therapist from anywhere
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Choose your own therapist
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No subscriptions. No hidden fees. No insurance needed.

You don’t need a subscription to save on quality care. Sesame sets fair, transparent prices for every therapy session — no mystery billing, no membership fees, no insurance.

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How Sesame works

Healthcare made simple.

Sesame puts power back in the hands of people, not systems, so that everyone can access quality care at affordable prices. Just you, your doctor, and one clear price. Yep, it’s really that simple.