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Save up to 60% on a doctor visit to diagnose and treat your hemorrhoids with quality doctors and clinicians licensed to treat patients Gresham, OR. Hemorrhoids are the result of an inflamed or swollen anal cavity experienced by roughly 50-65% of people at some point int heir lives. Hemorrhoids are also common during pregnancy.

While there is often no "cure" for hemorrhoids, there are ways to manage a hemorrhoid flare up. Doctors and clinicians on Sesame can help you assess which treatments are right for you.

Healthcare is important, your wellness & preventive care should be your first thought with yearly checkups.

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Dr. Amol Malankar, DO

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Dr. Kenneth Akey, MD

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    About hemorrhoids

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    Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins located in and outside the anus and rectum. When these veins become enlarged, they can become uncomfortable and painful. External hemorrhoids develop underneath the skin surrounding the anus. This can cause swelling, irritation, pain, and bleeding around the anus. Internal hemorrhoids develop within the rectum, which can lead to bleeding during bowel movements and prolapsing (in which the vein pushes through the anal opening). Prolapsed hemorrhoids can cause pain and discomfort.

    Hemorrhoids are usually caused by pressure on the lower body. This can be due to straining during bowel movements, straining from lifting heavy objects or weights, or weight gain. Pregnant women are at increased risk of hemorrhoids due to the associated weight gain. Other risk factors that may cause hemorrhoids are:

    • Chronic diarrhea or constipation
    • Obesity
    • Anal intercourse
    • Low-fiber diets

    Hemorrhoids are extremely common. One in twenty Americans, or three in four adults, will experience hemorrhoids at some point in time. Although they can be painful, hemorrhoids can usually be treated with at-home remedies and medical procedures. Untreated hemorrhoids can lead to rare but serious complications such as anemia, blood clots, and strangulated hemorrhoids (a cut-off in blood supply to the hemorrhoid, which causes severe pain).

    Treatment Options

    There are several options used to treat hemorrhoids, which are listed below. Talk to your provider about the treatment plan that’s right for you.

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