Sesame Provider Practices Announcement

About providers who choose to list on the Sesame platform

Sesame, Inc. provides administrative and (in some cases) management services to independent, clinician-owned and operated, provider practices. Sesame licenses the “Sesame” brand name to Easycare Medical Partners, P.A., and other affiliated provider practices that use Sesame’s business support services. Each Sesame-branded practice is owned and operated by a licensed physician. There is no single provider of medical care called “Sesame.” Each Sesame-branded practice engages a network of United States based clinicians who provide clinical telehealth services. The clinicians deliver clinical services via the Sesame platform to their patients. Sesame does not provide medical advice or clinical care, own or operate the provider practices, employ or in any way supervise the clinicians providing medical care, and control over the care provided is the sole responsibility of the independent provider practices and the clinicians they employ. Services and practices may vary across clinicians, and patients should contact the clinicians at Easycare Medical Partners, P.A., or the practice they selected for care, directly for all questions concerning their medical care. For California residents, Easycare Medical Partners of California, P.C. has a Fictitious Name Permit available here.