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Video chiropractic visit

Affordable telehealth (yes, video!) visit with a Chiropractor to address discomfort and/or pain or injury.
  • Lori Kindle, DC

    • Chiropractic
    • Available tomorrow
1 provider available

Physical therapy session (new patient)

  • Michael Hyland, DPT

    • Physical therapy
    3 providers available

    Video orthopedic visit (new patient)

    • Dr. Steven Warren, MD

      • Orthopedics

        Ronald Troxell, DPM

        • Podiatry

          Dr. David Braun, MD

          • Orthopedics
          1 provider available

          Pain management consultation (new patient)

          • Dr. Siddharth Arora, DO

            • Psychiatry
            • "It was a great experience. Highly trained and informative doctor, who seems to care. It was incredibly easy to use and was much cheaper than a traditional office visit. I did not have to leave my home, and I was seen the same day for less than my co pay. Dr Nicohls was fantastic. Thank you so very much!!!!"
            8 providers available

            Video prescription refill visit

            Connect with a doctor or provider online to get an Rx refill for something simple like birth control, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, insulin and more. $5 medication with FREE delivery may be available during this visit. Ask your doctor...
            • Randi Berkowitz, NP

              • Family medicine
              • "Dr. Berkowitz was very courteous and professional, and she showed she cared about me."
              • Available today
              • $5 MEDS

              Dr. Joseph Charles, MD

              • Adult health
              • "Dr. Charles is very personable, attentive and informative. We need more physicians like this."
              • Available today
              • $5 MEDS

              Jasmine Wasif, APRN

              • Family medicine
              • "Cannot compliment my provider enough. Great experience and great care"
              • Available tomorrow
              • $5 MEDS

              Dr. Chinedu Okeke, MD

              • Adult health
              • Available tomorrow
              • $5 MEDS

              Dr. Rishi Sharma, MD

              • Family medicine
              • "Doctor was great and very Thorough"

                Dawn Drewes, APRN

                • Urgent care
                • "... quick, straight forward, got antibiotics and feel more at peace"
                • $5 MEDS

                Dr. Shirley Zelikovsky, MD

                • Family medicine
                • "Friendly practitioner, quick and efficient service. "
                • $5 MEDS

                Dr. Maen Haddadin , MD

                • Family medicine
                  See all Video prescription refill visit
                  See all Video prescription refill visit
                  $5 MEDICATON.
                  FREE DELIVERY.

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                • URGENT CARE
                  Treatment for asthma, ear infection, fever, UTI, sinus, infection, rashes and more
                • PRESCRIPTIONS
                  Medication for blood pressure, thyroid, depression, cholesterol, birth control, and more
                • MENTAL HEALTH
                  Anxiety, depression, stress, ADHD, counseling, therapy, and more
                • DERMATOLOGY
                  Cold sores, dark spots, eczema, moles, insect bites, rashes, and more
                • DENTISTRY
                  Dentists in Pensacola, FL to treat tooth and gum pain, inflammation, infection, chipped, and broken teeth
                • WOMEN’S HEALTH
                  Birth control refill, pap smear, STI screening, and more
                • PEDIATRICS
                  Children's ear infection, flu, cold, rash, and more
                • ED CONSULT
                  Screening, diagnosis, prescriptions, and management for patients in Florida with erectile dysfunction
                • SEXUAL HEALTH
                  STI / STD consulting, birth control options, ED consults, vasectomy consultations and telehealth OB-GYN visits
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