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  • Family medicine doctor

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    Internal medicine doctor

    • Duarte, CA 91010
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    • 4
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    Internal medicine doctor

    • Culver City, CA 90232
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    • 3.9
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    Family medicine doctor

    • West Hollywood, CA 90046
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    • 3.3
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    Family medicine doctor

    • Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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    Family medicine doctor

    • Garden Grove, CA 92840
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    • 4.4
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    Family medicine doctor

    • Corona, CA 92879
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    • 2.6
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    Internal medicine doctor

    • Los Angeles, CA 90045
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    • 4.1
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    Internal medicine doctor

    • Los Angeles, CA 90046
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    Internal medicine doctor

    • Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737
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    See all In-person doctor visit
    See all In-person doctor visit
    The following inclusions and exclusions apply:
    • Prescription, if recommended
    • Referral to specialist
    • Controlled substance prescription
    • Immunization(s)
    • Laboratory tests
    • Worker's comp paperwork
    • Diagnostic tests

Urgent Care

When should I book an urgent care visit or go to an urgent care clinic?

Urgent care allows you to check in with a doctor about a non-life-threatening condition. Addressing a condition or symptom early can help your doctor craft a treatment plan that works for you and addresses your symptoms. Urgent care is suitable for conditions that, while uncomfortable, do not require emergency room care.

If you're experiencing a life-threatening condition, call 911 immediately. Urgent care is not appropriate for life-threatening symptoms.

Speak with a licensed urgent care doctor on Sesame today for a simple, upfront, cash price - with no unexpected charges or copays.

Do urgent care clinics offer walk-in appointments?

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or life-threatening symptoms, call 911 immediately.

For relief from non-life-threatening conditions, you can walk into most urgent care clinics from about 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Walk-in clinics can be crowded, so you might experience long wait times.

Skip the wait by booking a video urgent care visit on Sesame. Simply find a doctor you want to see, compare prices, and pay an upfront price to schedule your appointment. On Sesame, you can find urgent healthcare services with doctors who specialize in family medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, and more. Many healthcare providers on Sesame offer appointments from 7 am - 12 am.

How long does it take to get seen at an urgent care?

At some urgent cares or medical centers, you may experience long wait times. But not with Sesame. When you book a virtual visit with Sesame, you'll never experience a wait time or line. On Sesame, you can see a doctor in a matter of minutes, whether you live in Hartford, Connecticut, Dallas, Texas, or any other city across the United States.

How much does an urgent care visit cost?

Urgent care visits at walk-in clinics can cost anywhere from $100-$200, even if you have insurance. With Sesame, you can save 60% on urgent care visits in Torrance, CA. Licensed urgent care doctors post upfront, cash prices on Sesame for their services. The price you see is the price you pay - no surprise fees or copays.

When should I book an urgent visit?

Urgent visits are recommended for non-life-threatening conditions. If you are experiencing a medical emergency or any life-threatening symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Urgent care providers on Sesame can help with a wide range of non-life-threatening conditions, including:

  • Minor illness (cold & flu)
  • Sore throat
  • Pain from sprains
  • UTIs
  • Lacerations (cuts)
  • Questions about vaccinations and COVID-19
  • Infections (skin, ear, eye, bladder, sinus, and more)

Whether you're looking for a primary care physician or a specialist, Sesame offers urgent care services at affordable prices. Skip the long wait times at walk-in clinics and get the quality care you need by booking an in-person or video visit with top-rated healthcare providers in Torrance, CA. Save up to 60% on your urgent medical care needs with a convenient appointment on Sesame.

Should I book an urgent care visit or go to the emergency room?

If you're experiencing a medical emergency or any life-threatening symptoms or conditions, you call 911 immediately or visit the emergency room or emergency department of a local clinic as soon as possible. If you have an urgent need for a non-life-threatening condition, you should be able to address your concerns through an urgent care visit. Note that on Sesame, urgent care visits may not necessarily be through a clinic that's part of the urgent care association or some kind of body that offers urgent care accreditation. Instead, our visits are always with quality board-certified doctors and providers who have experience treating and caring for patients in Torrance, CA.

Should I see a doctor in-person or online?

It depends. Telehealth platforms like Sesame make it easier than ever to see a doctor online from the comfort of your home through virtual visits. These are real-time video chats with doctors and providers that are used to address symptoms, discuss prescriptions, and screen for health care conditions. Telehealth (also known as telemedicine) is a convenient way to see a health care provider without requiring the commute and waiting rooms of office visits.

In-person visits, however, are vital health services. Certain conditions and specialty care services cannot be diagnosed or performed via a telehealth visit. Lab testing, for instance, often requires an in-person appointment at a doctor's office. Similarly, some physical exams, chronic condition consultations, and urgent care needs require in-person care. Some patients feel more comfortable receiving their care through in-person doctor visits, and many telehealth services require in-person visits before a condition can be definitively diagnosed.

Health care marketplaces like Sesame offer both in-person and virtual care options. If you're unsure whether or not you need to see a provider face-to-face, we recommend that you book a video doctor visit to discuss your concerns and talk through any symptoms you may be experiencing. If an in-person doctor appointment is required, you can easily book a visit through Sesame's scheduling platform.

What is a video urgent care visit?

Video urgent care visits are telemedicine visits for any urgent needs. While most urgent cares may charge you $125 or more for a walk-in visit without insurance in Torrance, CA, you can see a doctor on Sesame for something urgent for as low as $35 depending on your location. Doctors, primary care physicians, and NPs on Sesame offer quality care for a range of urgent needs, like sore throats, sprains, questions and concerns about coronavirus, UTIs and other infections, and other non-life-threatening conditions. Nope, it's not too good to be true. It's healthcare the way you wish it would be: simple and affordable.

Why should I book a video urgent care visit and how much will it cost?

Worried you have a broken bone? Looking for information on this year's flu shot? Searching for an affordable DOT physical? Look no further than Sesame for a video urgent care consult!

Video urgent care offers patients quick and efficient care for a variety of conditions. It cuts out the long lines and lengthy check-in procedures that make trips to the local in-person clinic a hassle and gets you the relief you need quickly and affordably.

Save up to 60% on emergency care services by booking a video consult on Sesame, where you can connect with a real doctor licensed to treat urgent conditions in Torrance, CA for a simple cash price - no hidden fees or copays.

What conditions can be treated over a video urgent care visit?

You can address a range of conditions during a video urgent care visit, including colds, UTIs, vaginal infections, rashes, and severe skin irritation. You can also ask the doctor questions about the COVID-19 vaccines and STD testing and speak about any general concerns you have about your health. During the coronavirus pandemic, many urgent cares have offered rapid testing, antibody testing, and more COVID-19 testing options. While you can't be tested for COVID-19 over video, Sesame does offer video COVID-19 screenings as well as in-person testing across the country.

What should I bring to a video urgent care visit?

Come prepared to discuss any symptoms or conditions you may be experiencing, as well as any questions you may have for your doctor. During your visit, your doctor will likely ask about your medical history, your symptoms, or any underlying conditions, as well as any medication you may currently be taking.

What is pediatric urgent care?

Pediatric urgent care centers treat minor medical emergencies, offer vaccinations, and perform lab work for newborns, children, and teenagers.

Sesame offers telemedicine appointments, including video pediatric urgent care visits, for any non-life-threatening urgent care needs. It's perfect for fevers, sore throats, sprains, infections, and accessible from the comfort of your home.

What are the benefits of pediatric urgent care?

Pediatric urgent care offers an accessible and kid-friendly space to take your child for healthcare services in the event of a minor emergency.

Whether your child has strep throat or needs an x-ray, consider booking a pediatric telehealth appointment with Sesame, with appointments available as early as today.

Can I get X-rays and other imaging through Sesame?

Yes, but not through a video urgent care visit. While our doctors can't offer digital X-rays, MRIs, or other imaging over video, we do offer affordable imaging services with state-of-the-art imaging in cities across the country.