Editorial Process and Review Policy

Mission Statement and Standards

At Sesame, our mission has always been radically simple and straightforward: make high-quality, affordable care easily accessible to the millions of Americans disenfranchised by today's system.

This mission extends to Sesame’s content as well. We believe that all readers deserve access to reliable, easy-to-grasp health information. That’s why our editorial team is committed to providing readers with trustworthy, evidence-based content that informs our readers.

Common editorial topics include chronic disease management, medical conditions and symptoms, preventative care, tips for affording expensive medications, healthcare industry news and more. All content is reviewed by board-certified medical professionals for safety and accuracy.

Editorial Selection Standards

The Sesame Editorial Team is committed to bringing relevant and informative content to readers. All topics must be deemed useful or clinically significant to Sesame’s audience.

As such, topic selections are typically focused on breaking healthcare news, findings from peer-reviewed medical journals, healthcare consumer savings tips and emerging health trends.

Editorial Process Standards

Sesame maintains a rigorous editorial process to ensure that all content is clear, useful, and reliable for our readers.

  • Content Review and Verification All non-medical content, such as cost-saving advice and industry news, undergoes a meticulous review process for clarity. All medical content is critically reviewed and edited by a medical professional to ensure accuracy and appropriate use of medical terminology. Following these reviews, the Editorial Team further reviews content for readability and consistency in tone, voice and style.

  • Publication and Transparency Upon publication on Sesame’s blog, each article clearly displays the author's name, the medical reviewer, and the original publication date, promoting transparency and credibility.

  • Ongoing Updates and Accuracy Sesame’s content is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the most current medical knowledge and standards. Each piece of content prominently includes the date it was last updated, ensuring our readers have access to the most timely and relevant information.

Editorial Inclusion and Diversity Standards

Sesame strives to make all published content accurate and accessible. We believe that when every element of healthcare - including content - puts patients first, all of the outcomes will be better.

As such, Sesame uses respectful language that promotes inclusivity and compassion. We aim to use terms that are accurate and validated by the communities they describe. We seek to remove stigmas and empower our readers to make informed decisions about their health care and purchasing decisions.

We also work to ensure that our content is accessible to people of all abilities, including those with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive disabilities. This includes adherence to web accessibility standards and the provision of content in multiple formats where possible.

Editorial Verification, Fact-Checking, and Corrections Standards

All Sesame content is reviewed by a team of editors and medical professionals to ensure consistent editorial style and accuracy. If we determine that our content contains confusing, misleading or inaccurate information, the content will be revised and corrected immediately.

Contact Us

Sesame is deeply committed to creating reliable and accurate content for our readers. If you believe you have found any errors with regards to spelling, grammar or content accuracy, let us know by emailing editorial@sesamecare.com so that we can update our content in a timely manner.