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Sesame partners with employers to give their workers access to America’s lowest prices on healthcare. Employers of both insured and uninsured populations use Sesame to deliver timely, convenient and high quality care at the best prices available.

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Thousands of doctors and specialists
$25,000,000+ saved by patients
95% patient satisfaction
4.3 onTrustpilot
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Maximize productivity and your teams' health by giving them high quality care right away.

We save employees money:

  • Sesame's prices are always the lowest in the industry
  • Sesame is designed for employees paying out of pocket, no insurance needed
  • Employees get high quality care right away - most people see a provider within 2 hours

Sesame delivers industry leading and award winning health care.

Most Innovative StartupsDigital Health 100, 2022
#1 Best TelehealthHealthline, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
Best for genericsPeople, 2023

Why are prices on Sesame so much more affordable?

Doctors on Sesame list their own prices, availability, and services - without insurance mark-ups or surprise bills.

By putting power back in the hands of patients and doctors, Sesame cuts out the middlemen that drive up costs to save you up to 60% on your care.

Give your employees access to affordable, convenient, and high quality health care.

Shop thousands of affordable, 5 star providers nationwide.

  • Virtual primary care available within 1 hour
  • Specialists in mental health, cardiology, OB/GYN, pediatrics, and more
  • In-person primary care, labs, and imaging
  • Affordable, convenient prescriptions by mail or at your local pharmacy
  • 24/7 access to the Sesame Care team

Sesame is inclusive.

We believe in health equity and choice, so employees always choose their clinicians.

  • Culturally competent, diverse clinician roster with ongoing trainings in areas like: vulnerable populations, implicit bias, bedside manner
  • Over 40 languages spoken
  • 45+ specialties, 300+ services offered
  • Provider NPS of 83 and < 1% churn rate

Partners and patients love Sesame

Give your employees access to affordable, convenient, and high quality health care.