Be a hero to your employees
and pay $0 doing it.

Sesame @ Work provides your employees access to America's lowest prices on health care at zero cost to employers. Our full scope marketplace sparks competition on cost and quality making Sesame the perfect tool to find and book affordable care.

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Sesame @ Work
Sesame @ Work Telehealth
Sesame @ Work Premium
Dedicated Sesame Care team
Dedicated Sesame Care team
25 - 50% off every medical service
25 - 50% off every medical service
Get an extra $10 off primary virtual care visits
Get an extra $10 off primary virtual care visits
80% off prescription drugs
80% off prescription drugs
Unlimited free telehealth visits
Unlimited free telehealth visits
Mental Health visits for $25
Mental Health visits for $25

Employers can start offering Sesame at any time!

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Quality care at a fraction of the cost.

DoorDash partners can give their employees access to high quality health care, plus up to 20% off all services.

  • Never any cost to the employer to offer Sesame@Work.

  • Employees get the lowest prices in America on health care - only at Sesame.

  • Retain and attract talent with an inclusive benefit, for all employees.

direct-to-patient prices

Why are prices on Sesame so much more affordable?

Doctors on Sesame list their own prices, availability, and services - without insurance mark-ups or surprise bills.

By putting power back in the hands of patients and doctors, Sesame cuts out the middlemen that drive up costs to save you up to 60% on your care.

Be a hero to your employees. And pay $0 doing it.

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"Best Overall Telehealth"
"Best Price Per Visit"
"Most innovative health startups"
NYC Digital Health 100

Shop thousands of affordable, 5 star providers nationwide

  • Virtual primary care, available within 1 hour
  • Virtual specialties including mental health, cardiology, OB/GYN, pediatrics and more
  • In-person primary care, labs and imaging
  • 24/7 access to the Sesame Care team

Employers can start offering Sesame at any time!

Enter your information below and we’ll follow-up with you shortly.

Frequently asked questions

Sesame is the first-ever healthcare marketplace, connecting thousands of healthcare providers across all 50 states directly with American consumers who are seeking high-quality, convenient medical care at unbeatable cash prices - no long wait times, no hidden fees, and no insurance needed.

Find top doctors near you across 40+ specialties and pay them directly to save up to 60% on prescription refills, skin consults, imaging, dentistry, therapy, labs and more.

Small employers who are not required to and cannot afford traditional insurance opt to provide valuable health benefits through Sesame so they can attract and retain top talent.

No, Sesame is not a health plan and instead a marketplace for medical services with upfront, discounted cash prices. Sesame is an affordable way to offer a health benefit to retain your employees without having to pay for insurance.

Sesame has over 300 medical services on their website that include both virtual and in person services. Depending on the package selected, employers can offer free and discounted services of all kinds. Just fill out the form above to get more details and get started.