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Sesame Expands Costco Partnership with Weight Loss Care
April 2, 2024|Read Time - 4 minutes
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Costco members now have exclusive access to America’s best pricing on specialized weight loss care.

America’s most affordable weight loss program has launched - and the bargain is even better for Costco Members. Sesame today announced an expansion of its partnership with the wholesale retailer that allows Costco Members to access special discount prices for Sesame’s weight loss program.

Through the Sesame marketplace, Costco Members can now subscribe to Sesame’s weight loss program for as low as $179 per subscription period (about $60 per month). Non-Costco members can access the weight loss program for as low as $195 per subscription period (about $65 per month). The service is the most affordable weight loss program in the US.

“We are witnessing important innovations in medically-supervised weight loss,” said David Goldhill, Sesame‘s co-founder and CEO, and a serial author on American healthcare reform. “Sesame’s unique model allows us not only to make high-quality specialty care like weight loss much more accessible and affordable, but also to empower clinicians to create care plans that are specific to — and appropriate for — each individual patient.”

Here’s how Sesame’s weight loss service works for Costco members.

Costco Members must first activate their free Sesame account and verify their Costco membership. They can then sign up for Sesame’s weight loss program at the exclusive price of $179. Costco Members will:

● Receive three months of clinical consultation
● Be able to select a clinician of their choice
● Have an initial live video consultation with the clinician
● Be able to message their clinician outside of scheduled appointments
● Receive a nutritional guide and recommendations
● Be guided to an individualized, clinically-appropriate treatment program

Sesame clinicians will begin by collecting a detailed medical history from each patient. They will also help patients with appropriate diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. When clinically appropriate, the clinician may also pair these interventions with medications (subject to their availability).

Affordable weight loss care is a necessity for millions of Americans. Sesame can help.

About 42% of Americans are obese, while an estimated 70% are considered overweight or obese. But despite the need for comprehensive weight loss care in the US, the high cost of medical treatments and weight loss programs within our traditional healthcare system leaves millions shut out from the care they need.

Sesame addresses this issue with a radically simple solution. Our shoppable marketplace allows patients to book directly with a weight loss specialist of their choice at an upfront, transparent price.

By eliminating the middlemen who needlessly complicate healthcare, Sesame has created a weight loss program that’s as affordable and straightforward as it is effective: patients can receive holistic clinical guidance for nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and medication without long waits, complicated paperwork, or surprise bills – because access to high-quality weight loss care shouldn’t be determined by insurance status or income bracket.

About Costco and Sesame

In September 2023, Sesame and Costco announced a partnership to offer special discount pricing to all Costco Members on a broad range of outpatient medical care offered at Sesame, including:

  • $29 virtual primary care
  • $72 health checks (a standard lab panel, plus a virtual follow-up consultation with a provider)
  • $79 virtual therapy visits
  • An additional 10% off all other Sesame services, including dermatology care, in-person appointments and more

This weight loss program represents an expansion of the current partnership, which so far has garnered a Net Promoter Score of 82 – considered a “world-class” score – from Costco Members who are using Sesame.

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