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Get convenient and affordable norethindrone prescriptions available for same-day pickup at your pharmacy. Norethindrone is a birth control medication used to prevent pregnancies. In addition it is prescribed as a treatment for endometriosis, amenorrhea, and irregular menstrual periods. Talk to a health care provider to start treatment right away.

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Norethindrone (generic Jencycla)

  • What is norethindrone?
    Norethindrone is a prescription birth control medication that is also used to treat endometriosis, amenorrhea, and irregular menstrual periods.

    Talk to your health care provider about whether norethindrone is right for you.

  • What are the most common side effects of norethindrone?
    Norethindrone has been shown to cause some mild side effects. If these adverse effects become severe or do not go away within a few days, talk to your health care provider.

Common symptoms reported while taking norethindrone include:
- Irregular vaginal bleeding
- Breast tenderness
- Changes in menstruation
- Bloating
- Weight changes
- Acne

This is not a complete list of adverse reactions.

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Frequently asked questions about norethindrone

What is norethindrone?

Norethindrone is a prescription birth control medication that is used to prevent pregnancies. It is also indicated for use as a treatment for irregular periods, endometriosis (a condition in which uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus), and amenorrhea (lack of periods in women who are not pregnant).

It is important to note that while combination birth control pills offer significant benefits, they do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Talk to your doctor about your health history and any medication you are currently taking before you start taking a combination birth control pill.

What is norethindrone used to treat?

Norethindrone is primarily prescribed as a form of birth control used to prevent pregnancies. In addition to its use as a method of contraception, norethindrone tablets may be used as a treatment for endometriosis and amenorrhea.

Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus grows outside of the organ. This can cause serious pain and menstrual irregularities. There is no common cause of endometriosis, but hormonal imbalances and immune system problems are thought to contribute to the risk of developing this condition.

Amenorrhea is the medical term for several menstrual periods in individuals who are not pregnant. Primary amenorrhea is the medical term for the absence of periods in individuals who have not had a period by the time they are 15 years old. Amenorrhea is often naturally occurring, but may also be brought on by menopause, breastfeeding, and certain medications.

How does norethindrone work?

Norethindrone tablets contain a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone, a natural hormone released by the ovaries to control menstruation and other functions of the reproductive system. By releasing progesterone into the body, norethindrone stops a woman’s egg from fully developing in the uterus. This means that the egg is unable to be fertilized by sperm, which prevents pregnancy. This action may also stimulate the menstrual cycle in women who do not experience regular menstruation (amenorrhea).

As a treatment for endometriosis, norethindrone works by stopping the growth of the uterine lining. This can help reduce the symptoms of endometriosis and restore regular menstrual periods.

What are the common side effects of norethindrone?

You may experience some mild side effects while taking norethindrone. Talk to your doctor if these reactions become severe, or do not go away within a few days.

Common symptoms caused by norethindrone include:
- Irregular vaginal bleeding
- Breast tenderness
- Change in menstruation
- Bloating
- Weight changes
- Acne

This is not a complete list of adverse reactions. Seek medical attention right away if you experience vision changes, headaches, vomiting, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, or other more severe symptoms.

As with all prescription medication, be sure to inform the prescribing doctor about any medical conditions you have been previously diagnosed with and any medication/ supplements you are currently taking before starting treatment with norethindrone tablets. Norethindrone can interact with other forms of medication and substances, causing potentially serious side effects.

What is the typical starting dose of norethindrone?

The specific dosage of norethindrone will depend on why you are being prescribed the medication.

For contraception: One oral norethindrone tablet should be taken every day for 28 days. Take these tablets at the same time every day.

For amenorrhea or irregular menstrual periods: 2.5-10 mg of norethindrone should be taken every day for 5-10 days.

For endometriosis: One 5 mg tablet is prescribed to be taken every day for two weeks. This dosage may be increased every two weeks up to 15 mg per day. This treatment may last for 6-9 months, depending on your symptoms.

Do not discontinue or increase your dosage of norethindrone without consulting your doctor first. Birth control pills are only effective if taken every day at about the same time. If you stop using norethindrone tablets, your fertility will return to normal, and you may experience some adverse side effects from the sudden hormone changes in your body.

Take the medication exactly as prescribed, and inform your doctor if you begin to experience any side effects while taking the medication.

Can I get norethindrone online?

Good news! Providers on Sesame can write a prescription for norethindrone to be picked up near you – often within the same day. Don’t wait to get your prescription filled. Talk to a provider on Sesame and get your prescription ordered right away for fast and convenient pickup from a pharmacy of your choice.

Note that all prescriptions are at the discretion of your health care provider.

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