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Did you know the price of prescription medication can change? With Sesame, you always get the lowest price prescription or refill guaranteed - with free delivery in all 50 states.

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Get a new prescription or refill for hundreds of generic medications for anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypertension, and more - for just $5 with free delivery
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Sesame patients get exclusive prices on prescriptions. Just $5 with free delivery when you see a doctor on Sesame.
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How SesameRx Works

Did you know the price of prescription medication can vary? With Sesame, you always get the best price.

1. Book a Visit
Talk to a doctor about your condition and get a prescription for allergies, anxiety, birth control, erectile dysfunction, depression, diabetes, and more.
2. Get a Prescription
Book a visit with a doctor on Sesame to get access to $5 medication. After your doctor writes your prescription, we’ll send you a link to pay for your medication.
3. Sit Back & Save
We’ll send your prescription directly to your door and automatically refill your medication at the same affordable price.
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Why patients trust SesameRx.

  • FDA-approved medication
    Hundreds of generic medications starting at $5 delivered right to your door.

  • Free & fast delivery
    Easy tracking to check the status of your prescription.

  • Dedicated customer support
    SesameRx's dedicated English and Spanish-language support available to help whenever you need.

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About SesameRx

How does SesameRx work?

SesameRx makes it easier and more affordable than ever to get prescription medication sent right to your door.

  1. Book and complete an appointment with a doctor, specialist, or provider who can write prescriptions through Sesame. Look for the "$5 med" tag on the provider card.
  2. If your appointment results in a prescription, we'll send you an email and text after to complete your purchase.
  3. We'll send your medication right to your door within 4 business days of shipping - with free delivery.

Sesame is not a pharmacy. As part of its prescription services, Sesame facilitates the delivery of prescription medication by its partner, Truepill pharmacy. Please refer to the Sesame terms of service for further information.

How do I get a prescription?

Our end-to-end integrated prescription offering makes it easy to get affordable prescriptions delivered right to your door. Simply book and complete an appointment with a doctor, specialist, or provider who can write prescriptions through Sesame. If your appointment results in a prescription, we'll send you an email and text after to complete your purchase. Once you pay for your meds, we'll send them right to your door within three to five business days - with $0 delivery.

Note: Prescriptions are always at the discretion of your provider. Provider appointments are designed to evaluate your condition and craft a treatment plan that works for you. If your appointment does not result in a prescription, your appointment is non-refundable. Controlled substances and narcotics are not available through Sesame.

My Sesame provider sent my prescription through Sesame. How do I complete the purchase?

If your Sesame provider writes you a prescription through SesameRx, you'll receive an email or text with a link to complete your purchase. We take your privacy seriously. Rest assured that the email and text will never include the name of your medication. Once you've paid for your meds, we'll put your prescription in the mail and send it right to your door - with $0 delivery.

How much does my medication cost?

While most pill-based medications start at just $5 for 30 pills, the final price you pay depends on your medication and how your doctor wrote your prescription. For example, if your medication costs $5 for 30 pills and your doctor prescribed 45 pills, you'll be charged $7.50 at checkout ($5/30 pills * 45 pills prescribed.)

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is always free when you (re)fill prescriptions with Sesame.

How long will it take for my medication to arrive?

Once you've paid for your meds, your prescription will be processed and shipped as soon as possible. Once in the mail, you can expect your medication to arrive in about 4 business days via USPS First-Class Mail. We'll email you the tracking number when your meds are on the way.

When will I get my refills?

Refills are shipped at regular intervals for the length of your prescription - depending on how your provider wrote your prescription. Our care team will time it so that your next shipment will arrive before you run out of your current medication.

You'll be sent an email notification about a week before we begin processing your refill. You may find the exact processing date of your next refill in the Your Prescriptions section when you log in to your Sesame account.

Can I cancel my medication shipments?

You may cancel shipments that have not been processed at any time.

To cancel, log in to your Sesame account and go to the Your Prescriptions section. Choose the medication you wish to cancel and click Cancel Medication Subscription.

What is SesameRx's refund and return policy?

We do not offer a refund or return for medications that have been processed.

How can I view the status of my prescription?

Prescriptions will begin processing after you've paid for your medication. You can view the status of a prescription by logging into your account and going to the Your Prescriptions section. We'll also email you the tracking information once your medication has shipped.

Do you accept insurance for medications?

Medication (re)filled through SesameRx is exclusively cash-pay. We do not accept insurance for the provider appointment or the medication, you can submit a reimbursement to your HSA and FSA.

If a clinician sends your prescription to your local pharmacy, you can pick up and pay with a method of your choice, including your FSA/HSA, prescription card, cash, credit, and more.

I already have a prescription from a non-Sesame provider, can I transfer it and purchase SesameRx's medications?

Unfortunately, we're not able to support transfers of prescriptions from other providers to Sesame at this time. If you would like to purchase medication through Sesame, please book a visit an appointment with one of the providers on Sesame.

My medication hasn't arrived yet. What do I do?

You should have received an email from Sesame with your shipment tracking number. You can also view the status of your prescription in the ‘Your Prescriptions’ section of your Sesame account. If your shipment hasn't arrived on time - or you're unable to find your package - please contact our customer support at 1-877-947-6411 or
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