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Sesame vs. One Medical

Your health doesn't need a membership. But One Medical thinks it should. With Sesame, you can book in-person and video visits with quality doctors — without the hassle of a membership.

No membership fees
Top-reviewed doctors
No insurance required

Telehealth visit

Doctors and specialists on Sesame treat 120+ conditions.

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Why patients are choosing Sesame over One Medical

"Friday night I felt a sinus infection coming. I am a One Medical member so I messaged my PCP asking if I could get antibiotics or a telehealth visit. Saturday I didn't hear back and had gotten worse, so I went to Sesame and booked a visit same day in 2 hours. I got exactly what I needed quickly and easily. By the time my PCP wrote me back Sunday night saying I should book an appointment to come to the office for a visit during the work week, I had already received and started taking the antibiotic and was starting to feel better - all for $30!"

  • Stephanie, verified Sesame patient, December 2021

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"Best Overall Telehealth"Healthline
"Best Price Per Visit"OnlineDoctor.com
"Most innovative health startups"NYC Digital Health 100
How Sesame works

The best price with great doctors and specialists.

Find great doctors and specialists on Sesame and pay direct at discount prices. By paying your doctor directly - outside of insurance - you can save up to 60% on every appointment.

Why patients are switching to Sesame.

The best way to book in-person and video visits without hidden fees or insurance mark-ups.
No subscription fee
Included with Sesame
Choose your own doctor or specialist
Included with Sesame
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Clear, upfront pricing
Included with Sesame
Compare prices
Included with Sesame
No insurance needed
Included with Sesame
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