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Sesame saves you more money than Lemonaid Health.

Affordable, hassle-free video appointments for prescriptions or refills from quality healthcare providers on your schedule. The best way to manage prescriptions for up to 60% less.

Thousands of doctors and specialists
$25,000,000+ saved by patients
95% patient satisfaction
4.3 onTrustpilot

Prescription refill

Connect with a doctor over video to get a refill for medication like birth control, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, and more. Your doctor will review your prescription plan and, if appropriate, order a refill to a pharmacy of your…

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New prescription

Connect with a doctor to talk about your condition and, if appropriate, get a prescription for medication - often with same-day pick-up at a pharmacy near you. Note that prescriptions are always at the discretion of your provider.

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Why patients keep choosing Sesame over Lemonaid.

Only Sesame lets you choose your doctor and speak to them in real time, at affordable cash prices, on your schedule. No membership, no insurance, and no surprise bills.
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Prescription refills
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Clear, upfront pricing
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We’ll never send you a bill. Seriously.

Never overpay for prescriptions again. Get a new prescription or refill for hundreds of medications for anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypertension, and more. No mystery billing, no membership fees, no insurance mark-ups.

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