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Book an affordable ultrasound appointment in Oklahoma City, OK with a doctor today on Sesame. No insurance is necessary. An ultrasound, also called sonography, produces images that are used to diagnosis and treat many diseases and medical conditions. Radiation is not used in ultrasound testing, but it is used in x-rays and CT scans.
11.5 mi | 30-minute appointment
Diagnostic Ultrasound of Oklahoma
2805 S Bryant Ave, Suite B, Edmond, OK 73013
Ultrasound (radiology report included) of any of the following areas: - Abdomen - Kidneys ... See details >
5.36 mi | Phone call + 60-minute appointment
Green Imaging OKC Expressway
3209 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
<u>**Important Scheduling Information**</u> **Patient must confirm appointment after purc... See details >
11 mi | Phone call + 30-minute appointment
Oklahoma ER & Hospital
Imaging, Radiology, Emergency Room
15103 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Edmond, OK 73103
**Note: Referral/doctor's order is required for ultrasound and any other imaging service.*... See details >
3.54 mi | Phone call + 60-minute appointment
Mobile Medical Services
1415 NW 43rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Mobile ultrasound in the home or office. Service area is a 75-mile radius around the Okla... See details >
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